About Us

Welcome to Kure Bazaar, the French-born and French-made brand that revolutionizes the world of nail polish and clean beauty. Founded in 2012 in France by Christian David, a seasoned industry expert with an impressive background at renowned luxury brands, Kure Bazaar has become synonymous with excellence and innovation.

As a proud French brand, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. All our products are meticulously crafted in France, where we harness the expertise and heritage of French beauty traditions. By manufacturing locally, we not only ensure the utmost attention to detail but also support our local communities and contribute to sustainable practices.


Kure Bazaar was born out of a deep desire to provide a chemical-free alternative to traditional nail polish, and this commitment to clean beauty remains at the heart of everything we do. We understand that beauty should never come at the expense of your health, and that's why our formulas are carefully developed to be non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

With an extensive range of over 100 colors and shades, our nail polishes have been thoroughly tested and approved by the demanding standards of the fashion industry. We take pride in offering a kaleidoscope of options that allow you to express your unique style and personality while maintaining a conscious approach to self-care.

In addition to our iconic nail polishes, we have expanded our collection to include a range of luxurious nail and lip care products. From our best-selling rose-infused cuticle oil, designed to nourish and pamper your nails and cuticles, to our acetone-free and odorless nail polish remover, we strive to provide a comprehensive lineup of clean beauty essentials.

By choosing Kure Bazaar, you are not only embracing a healthier and more sustainable beauty routine but also joining us in celebrating the artistry and savoir-faire of French beauty. We invite you to explore our collection of exquisite products and experience the essence of French luxury reimagined for the modern world.

Why I Endorse Kure Bazaar

As a physician, surgeon, and scientist I am always in search of the very best for my patients. About 10 years ago I started my quest to find a nail polish for my patients that was high quality and a chemical-free alternative to traditional nail polish. After months and months of searching, I came across Kure Bazaar and fell in LOVE. I finally discovered a nail polish that was vegan, cruelty free, long wearing, chip and shock resistant, natural (90 - 100%), and eco-friendly. Besides all these wonderful characteristics, I also wanted to make sure that the polish was chic and tough enough to wear around the house while doing chores (ugh…yes…the dishes, laundry, cooking, and sometimes gardening) to being used on runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. And sure enough, Kure Bazaar is strong and looks fabulous whether you’re lounging around in your comfy cloths, working out, at the office, or out on the town in a cute black dress with strappy high heels. Ok, being a foot surgeon, I should not be encouraging high heels but sometimes you just want to look and feel sexy. So, everything in moderation ladies (and men). 

Being a working mom of two children with a husband, I was also interested in finding a product that I could easily apply at home (in minutes) as I don’t have an hour or two to waste at the local nail salon. [While I have your attention, you probably don’t want to be getting your nails done at a nail salon unless you know for a fact that they are following strict disinfection and sterilization practices as I’ve seen and treated way too many medical issues arising from nail salons. Sorry for getting sidetracked.] I fell madly in love with Kure Bazaar because of its inherent qualities, quick and easy application, and the fact that it helps with my self-care practices (inclusive of nail care) at home. As the French would say, Ooh la la! A fun fact, Kure Bazaar is a French beauty/health brand.

I’ve learned that Kure Bazaar spans the generations. My mom, a Baby Boomer, I, a Gen Xer, and my daughter, a mini millennial/generation alpha all love Kure Bazaar. I enjoy painting my daughter’s nails as it gives me time to really connect with her, it’s our quiet time. When we are both available, I also enjoy painting my mom’s nails, it’s our catch-up time. Because my mom, daughter, and I all have different color preferences, my nail polish cabinet is nicely stocked with every Kure Bazaar color for every occasion. By the way, Kure Bazaar also spans the sexes and gender identities. My brother and male patients love Kure Bazaar especially Clean, Bubble Vvee, Super Base, and the Organic Rose Oil.

At my medical offices, I offer medical pedicures and exclusively use Kure Bazaar (sorry health insurances don’t pay for medical pedicures). I love to pamper my patients with a tinge of luxury. I used to offer the typical nail polish brands that most people have heard of not because they are the best but because they are so heavily marketed. I won’t name the brands, but you know which ones I am talking about. The problem that I find with these other nail polish brands is that there is very little scientific data on them and the data that does exist does not paint a pretty picture--most contain harmful chemicals and not environmentally friendly. 

If I haven’t convinced you yet, why not try Kure Bazaar for a healthier lifestyle? I am confident that you too will fall in love!

With Gratitude, Dr. Sandra Franco (She/Her/Hers)